Who We Are


Danielle Cohen, 

Owner and Head Chef

 Welcome and thank you for coming to Cook Something! I am Chef Danielle and I found a way to make your cooking experience a mouth watering one.  My passion is to teach you how to play and find confidence in the kitchen.  I want to take you on a journey of learning how to build different flavors and experiences with everyday food. 


  My cooking journey started long before I even knew what was happening. Cooking was normal as a child, it played a huge impact in my life. From special dinners on holidays to "this is what we have in the fridge let's make dinner". So when the opportunity to teach others the love of cooking and food, I couldn’t resist.


  As a first year teacher in New London I joined the gardening committee. Our school had an amazing garden and an opportunity to teach our students how food is grown. I began teaching an after school cooking and gardening class where I taught students how to play, learn and engage in the kitchen and our school garden. While teaching I was given an opportunity to attend Shelburne Farms, Farm to School initiative in Burlington Vermont. I brought back teachings and learnings that sparked a dream  allowing my inner chef and passions to come alive. 


  I began a journey to learn everything I could about food and how to make it.  I fell in love with spices and herbs; how they tantalize your mouth, spark memories and moments in my life that I had forgotten. I wanted to share this with everyone I knew and loved. When my step-daughter moved in with us she would crave Indian food. I decided to spend some time working with different herbs and spices to create the flavor she was looking for. When she looked at me and made a sigh and stated “this tastes just like what my mouth wanted.” I knew I had something. I spent the next several years building my skills working in grocery stores running a buffet and preparing premade meals, building and serving hundreds for weddings and corporate events to running a hotel kitchen and banquet hall.  After many business ideas and plans later here we are with Cook Something, teaching others to love cooking just as much as I do.  


  I thank you for spending time on our site, I look forward to sharing my love of cooking with you and yours.   Have any questions contact us, we would love to answer them!